How much is it...

We grant the following commercial services:

1. RADUGA Software Online Light Version

Once you register for our website you will have on account with $10 bonus. Which is enough fee for service trial usage.

You can choose one of two tariffs:

D (day) -  
$1 / 1 day *

It’s the only tariff for habituation with the functions of software. It is also suitable for users of the big programs when they hasn’t their software at elbow, but require to apply promptly to repertory or materia medica or to fit the remedy for oneself or for the patient, who call suddenly and waits the instant prescription.

It may be usable for the acute cases treatment, when you expect to use the program several times during one or a few days. It may be suitable also for a doctors who has scheduled but not daily practice or desires to have a fling at using the homeopathic software, but are not minded as yet to buy the big and costly computer program.

Y (year) -  
$99 / 1 year *

It may be beneficial for treatment of one patient with the severe acute or the chronic disease, also for the constantly practicing doctors, which unwished to tie up the substantial sum of money on their account or for users of the big homeopathic software, which expects to use this online-software as the additional tool.

Is suitable for the constantly active practicing doctors, which expects to use this online-software as the basic tool

* My Office page is free for registered users. Pages Case, Repertory and Materia Medica are paid. Withdrawal of cash at your account is made after entering any paid page. From that point you are granted full access to all functions of the software for the specified time depending on tariff rate selected.

2. Storage of Photo, Audio and Video Materials.

You may store auxiliary photo-, audio and video materials in case records of its patients. 1 gigabyte of above materials is stored on the server at no cost, yet on the first date of each month $10 is charged off your account for storage of each of the following gigabytes (for the whole or part of it).

3. «Облачный» сервис

для пользователей программы «Радуга-6» – хранение на сервере и синхронизация архивов ваших пациентов между всеми компьютерами, где у Вас установлена программа. Существует два способа синхронизации, выбираемые в настройках стационарной программы, и соответственно, два тарифа:

- Single, (разовый), при котором вы можете из стационарной программы, когда вам надо, вручную, вызывать процедуру синхронизации. При этом за одну синхронизацию со счета списывается 0,5 USD

- Automatic, при котором синхронизация осуществляется автоматически, каждый раз при запуске стационарной программы и при завершении её работы (при условии, что компьютер подключен к интернету). При этом тарифе со счета списывается 50 USD ежегодно, в день подключения тарифа.