E.J. Filin

Dear colleagues: I am glad to salute you "on the edge" of the new homeopathy software of the RADUGA series. This time it’s an online version. Our users have asked us for a long time to launch RADUGA easy PDA version. At that time it was technically impossible, however today's high speed Internet is available almost everywhere, as well as smart phones and tablet PCs, enabling you to go on-line whenever and wherever you are, removing all the barriers. Now the website can be a light version of our PC software. The advantages of such a version compared to a steady state software are obvious, there is no need to buy and install the online software, continually monitor the updates or to be afraid of losing the application product key or medical record bank in case of PC failure. Just enter the website and work!

Well, of course online software features are incomparable to options of a high-volume professional PC installed program. It contains only one, Kunzli's repertory, still it is large and probably the most reliable repertory for today (and there is a score of them in a new installed version, not counting sub-repertories), ten Materia Medica books (while there are many tens and maybe even hundreds of books in the installed version), number of dedicated modules with expert systems developed by lead authors are missing, there are no training and examinational modules, as well as functional psychology tests and many other things of the installed version that could make a practitioner happy. You will not find the whole range of research opportunities, and you can search for “only” seven hundred remedies using this software, not five thousand. Still it has the main thing – easy and reliable tool for a specific kind of practice - for questioning the patient, finding symptoms in repertory, to repertorise, to compare the results with descriptions of remedy pathogenesis, to select and prescribe the remedy and to save all the collected information

In spite of the fact that our online software is also designed for amateurs we are still sure that homeopathic practitioners will find it useful. I think that they are the persons that could evaluate its usefulness and effectiveness as a handy assistant available at all times– at home, on the road, on vacation and in the country. After the release of the sixth version of RADUGA, long-anticipated by our users, a cloud service will start up, which means continuous synchronization of patient records between two large-volume programs installed at all PCs of the user and his online software will be possible. This lets the practitioner have access to the latest alterations in cases of his patients anytime and anywhere and finally forget about the need to transfer records from one PC to another.

I wish everyone who dares to try our online version success in understanding the high art of homeopathy and the application of it for the benefit of patients! I hope that this tool presented to you will effectively contribute to that!

Eugene Filin, M.D., D.M.
7 January 2014